Jio Launches JioMotive 2023 4G GPS vehicle tracker – JioMotive (2023): Price and Features

JioMotive (2023): Learn about Jio’s latest innovation, the JioMotive 2023 4G GPS vehicle tracker. Discover its features, price, and how to avail it in India.

Jio Launches JioMotive 2023 4G GPS vehicle tracker - JioMotive (2023): Price and Features
Jio Launches JioMotive 2023 4G GPS vehicle tracker – JioMotive (2023): Price and Features

Introduction: Jio, India’s premier telecom company, is renowned for providing cost-effective mobile recharge packages and devices. In a groundbreaking move, Jio has introduced the JioMotive (2023), an affordable 4G GPS tracker designed for vehicles. This innovative device can be seamlessly installed in your car, offering a wide range of benefits, including real-time location tracking, geo-fencing, time fencing, anti-tow security, theft alerts, accident detection, and even a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. Additionally, this compact GPS tracker provides insights into your car’s interior condition. Let’s delve into the detailed specifications and pricing of JioMotive (2023).

JioMotive (2023) Price and Availability in India:

The JioMotive (2023) is attractively priced at just Rs 4,999 in India, making it an affordable solution for vehicle owners. Interested buyers can conveniently make their purchase through Jio’s official website (, the Reliance Digital website, and the popular online shopping platform, Amazon. Furthermore, this device is available at various partner retail outlets associated with the company.

Notably, Jio is offering a complimentary one-year subscription to customers. After the initial free period, users can extend the subscription for a nominal fee of Rs 599 per year to continue enjoying its benefits.

Key Features of JioMotive (2023):

  1. Plug-and-Play Device: The JioMotive (2023) is a plug-and-play device that effortlessly connects to any vehicle’s OBD-II port. This port is commonly situated under the car’s steering wheel, and no professional installation is required. You can easily plug it in yourself.
  2. Real-Time Vehicle Tracking: Through the JioThings app, vehicle owners can monitor their vehicle’s location 24/7, ensuring peace of mind.
  3. Geo-Fencing and Time-Fencing: Users can establish geo-fences of any size and receive instant notifications when their vehicle enters or exits the designated area.
  4. Compatibility with Jio SIM: The JioMotive device exclusively operates with a Jio SIM card, but there’s no need to purchase an additional one. You can link your JioMotive plan to your primary Jio smartphone.
  5. Vehicle Health Monitoring: The JioMotive (2023) provides valuable insights into your vehicle’s internal health by displaying information on the GeoThings app when it receives 100 DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) alerts.
  6. Driving Behavior Analysis: This GPS tracker analyzes the driver’s behavior and offers insights through the app, helping users improve their driving habits.
  7. Additional Features: JioMotive (2023) delivers in-car Wi-Fi, towing alerts, speed tracking, 10-second latency, tamper alerts, and accident alerts.

Jio’s JioMotive (2023) 4G GPS vehicle tracker is a cost-effective solution that brings advanced tracking and vehicle monitoring features to car owners in India. With its affordable price and user-friendly installation, it’s a must-have for those seeking enhanced security and insights into their vehicle’s condition. Don’t miss out on this innovative offering from Jio.


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