Offensive comments on YouTube are dangerous!

Offensive comments on YouTube are dangerous!


Pubnews: Offensive comments on YouTube are dangerous! Various comments are seen on the video-sharing site YouTube. Sometimes there are some comments which are very embarrassing.

YouTubers can’t do much against such user comments. Due to the offensive comments, the viewers of that channel also have a negative impact.

However, YouTube will take action against offensive commenters. Warnings will be sent to users’ phones only if they make ugly comments.

YouTube is bringing new features. Any comments that violate YouTube’s policies will be reviewed.

Failure to maintain transparency on the platform will send a warning to those users. However, if a user posts offensive comments more than once, YouTube will delete his comments for 24 hours.

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Mainly due to the negative comments of the users, social media has a negative impact. Moreover, the YouTuber’s image is also damaged, which is not at all desirable on a globally popular platform like YouTube.

YouTube said it adheres to community guidelines to maintain transparency on the platform.

YouTube currently only detects offensive comments in the English language. However, they claim, the detection of offensive comments in other languages ​​will also start.

YouTube said its automatic detection system and machine learning models are working to identify and remove spam. Even in the first six months of 2022, YouTube removed more than 1.1 billion spam comments.


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