OnePlus Open phone pros and cons | You should be aware of this before buying Oneplus Open

OnePlus Open phone pros and cons, The OnePlus Open, the brand’s inaugural foldable phone, made its global and Indian debut at a special event held on Wednesday, October 19. It boasts a competitive price point, lower than its closest rival, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Offering a nearly crease-free primary display and a premium visual experience, the OnePlus Open also stands out with its Hasselblad cameras on the rear.

OnePlus Open phone pros and cons | you should be aware about this before buy Oneplus Open
OnePlus Open phone pros and cons | You should be aware of this before buying Oneplus Open

Set to go on sale starting October 27 (with pre-orders currently available), we’ll delve into the top four compelling reasons to consider purchasing the OnePlus Open and two factors that might steer you away, all based on our comprehensive review.

4  Reasons to Choose OnePlus Open


1. Highly Functional Cover Display

The OnePlus Open features an exceptionally functional 6.3-inch display, boasting a variable 10Hz-120Hz refresh rate and a robust “Ceramic Guard” screen protector. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, most applications run seamlessly on the OnePlus Open. From enjoying Instagram Reels to watching YouTube shorts, users can relish a highly functional experience that closely mimics using a standard primary display. The edge-to-edge panel immerses users in a captivating visual experience.

2. Nearly Crease-Free Main Display

Traditional folding phones often exhibit a noticeable crease in the middle of their main screens, which, although not inherently problematic, can be distracting during usage. However, the OnePlus Open offers a nearly crease-free main display, achieved through the innovative ‘flexion hinge’ design, which reduces both weight and creases.

The barely perceptible crease doesn’t compromise the hinge’s durability. The flexion hinge adopts the prevalent waterdrop-shaped design found in contemporary foldables, allowing the OnePlus Open to shed weight by reducing hinge components to just 69, resulting in a lighter overall device. This hinge can sustain a 90-degree angle without any instability.

OnePlus proudly claims that its foldable can endure at least one million folds—equivalent to approximately 547 folds daily over five years. In comparison, Samsung’s offering promises 200,000 folds over the same period.

3. Rapid Charging

OnePlus is renowned for its cutting-edge fast-charging technology, and the OnePlus Open is no exception. Equipped with a 4,805mAh battery and 67W charging support, this rapid charging capability is a significant advantage for on-the-go users. The OnePlus Open can charge up to 40% in just 20 minutes, with a full charge taking approximately 50 minutes.

4. Clean Android OS

The OnePlus Open operates on Android 13 OS with OxygenOS 13.2 custom skin out of the box. This software experience provides a noteworthy edge over other foldable devices. Users will appreciate the app stack located at the bottom of the screen for quick access to frequently used applications, and the ability to customize this selection. Moreover, users can simultaneously run three apps on the primary display, a feature OnePlus brands as ‘Triple Splits.’ If the primary screen is closed, the foreground app optimally transitions to the cover screen (subject to individual app support).

Additionally, OnePlus pledges to deliver four years of Android OS updates and five years of security updates. In terms of software, users won’t encounter any bloatware apps, and the user interface is entirely ad-free.

2 Considerations Against Choosing OnePlus Open


2 Considerations Against Choosing OnePlus Open
2 Considerations Against Choosing OnePlus Open

1. Absence of Wireless Charging

The OnePlus Open, priced at Rs 1,39,999, could have incorporated basic features like wireless charging, a feature found in its Samsung counterpart. While the device supports 67W fast charging, the inclusion of wireless charging would have been a significant addition, as this feature is gaining popularity among flagship smartphone users.

2. Camera Performance

The OnePlus Open features a 48MP primary Sony LYT-T808 camera, a 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 64MP telephoto camera offering 3x optical zoom and 6x in-sensor zoom, with a digital zoom capability of up to 120x. For selfies and video chats, there are also 32MP and 20MP front cameras (cover and main, respectively).

While the camera specifications look impressive on paper, their real-world performance falls short of expectations. Daylight shots capture plenty of detail but are somewhat oversaturated, particularly in sky adjustments. Images taken in low-light conditions exhibit noise and reduced sharpness.

The ultra-wide camera produces good color and contrast but suffers from increased noise levels. Software tuning issues persist, including difficulties in reducing lens flare.

Surprisingly, the telephoto camera performs well, delivering natural, sharp images with a rich Bokeh effect at 3x zoom and surprisingly clear results at 6x zoom, which leverages the main camera. The two selfie cameras also perform adequately, despite occasional inconsistencies.

The OnePlus Open impresses with its functional cover display, nearly crease-free main screen, fast charging capabilities, and clean Android OS. However, potential buyers should take note of the absence of wireless charging and consider whether the camera performance aligns with their expectations.


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