Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2: Price, Availability, and Exciting Features in India

Discover the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2, now available for Indian consumers at an attractive price of Rs 2,799. This cutting-edge smart tracker is offered in two elegant color options – white and black, providing users with choices that match their style preferences.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2: Price, Availability, and Exciting Features in India
Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2: Price, Availability, and Exciting Features in India

To get your hands on this innovative device, interested individuals can conveniently make their purchase through Samsung’s online stores, Samsung Exclusive Stores, or the popular e-commerce platform, Amazon.

Key Features of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2

  1. Lost Mode: The Galaxy Smart Tag 2 introduces a new Lost Mode for enhanced security. In this mode, the NFC display on the device allows users to save their contact information in a message. If the smart tag is found by someone, they can simply scan it with their smartphone to view the owner’s message and contact details, ensuring a seamless and secure retrieval process.
  2. Compass View: The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2 boasts an upgraded compass view feature that simplifies the task of locating your smart tag. Visual cues, such as arrows, are employed to indicate the direction and distance between the Smart Tag 2 and the user. This feature is especially convenient for those using Galaxy smartphones with Ultra Wide Band (UWB) support, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Additionally, users can employ the device to control IoT devices with a single click, further enhancing its utility.
  3. Power Saving Mode: The Smart Tag 2 offers two distinct modes – Power Saving and Normal. The new power-saving mode is designed to maximize battery life, ensuring that the tag remains functional for up to an impressive 700 days. Even in normal mode, the battery life has been significantly extended, now lasting for 500 days, which is a remarkable 50% increase compared to the previous model.

Using Your Galaxy Smart Tag 2

Getting started with your Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2 is a breeze. Simply register the device, and you’ll be ready to utilize the SmartThings Find feature right away, allowing you to effortlessly keep track of your valuable belongings.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the convenience, security, and advanced features of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2. Get yours today and stay connected with your possessions like never before!


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