smartphone battery gets damaged for these 3 reasons

smartphone battery gets damaged for these 3 reasons

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Pubnews: Smartphone battery gets damaged for these 3 reasons. Smartphones are our constant companions these days. People between the ages of eight and eighty are using smartphones for various reasons. In the 21st century, life without smartphones is almost impossible. Smartphones are used not only as a means of communication but also for many other purposes. From kids’ online classes to your office meetings, the gadget was most in demand worldwide.

But if not used properly, danger can come very quickly. We often make some mistakes while using smartphones. For example, overcharging the smartphone, sleeping with it, or changing the adapter to charge it. If you forget these things, the battery of the smartphone gets damaged very quickly. Let’s know the 3 mistakes that should not be made while using a smartphone.

No overnight smartphone charging

Many people make this mistake. Unknowingly, most people leave their phones on charge overnight. If you have this habit, change it now. Because keeping the charger connected even after the phone is fully charged reduces the battery life. As a result, if you continue this practice day after day, your smartphone battery will quickly lose its performance.

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Unplug the charger

Many of us have a habit of keeping the charger always plugged in. what do you know This habit of yours reduces the smartphone battery life several times. There are some newer smartphones that automatically stop charging when fully charged. But still, the current comes from the charger. For this reason, when the phone is fully charged, unplug the charger. Or you can turn off the charger. Do not plug in the charger even after the phone is fully charged.

Do not charge the smartphone in the sun

Another thing to keep in mind while charging the smartphone is that – do not charge the phone in an excessively hot place. Charging the phone while overheating directly affects the phone. Also, it is better not to use it while charging the phone. Battery temperature rises while charging the phone. Which actually damages the battery. Charge the smartphone when it reaches 20 percent charge and remove it when it reaches 99 percent.


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