This time 4G on the moon, Nokia’s announcement will make the dream of doing Facebook in space come true

This time 4G on the moon, Nokia’s announcement will make the dream of doing Facebook in space come true


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Pubnews: This time 4G on the moon, Nokia’s announcement will make the dream of doing Facebook in space come true. Almost every tech brand these days is working on exceptional projects to create a unique identity that stands out from the crowd. Nokia is no exception. They are said to be preparing to launch 4th generation mobile network or 4G services on lunar soil. According to a report provided by CNBC, the said brand plans to launch a 4G network on the moon by the end of 2023 to facilitate the ‘lunar discovery’ process and provide better communication to the astronauts on the mission.

The HMD Global-owned communications technology company is said to soon carry equipment to launch 4G networks via a SpaceX rocket. The rocket will be powered by an antenna-equipped base station, which will be stored on a Nova-C lunar lander. It will also be accompanied by a solar-powered rover. It is known that a 4G LTE connection will be established between this lander and the rover. After all, Nokia’s 4G network is said to be used by the ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration’ aka NASA during its upcoming Artemis 1 mission. For your information, if the Artemis 1 mission is implemented by the year 2025, man will set foot on the moon again after 1972.

Incidentally, during the ‘Mobile World Congress’ aka MWC 2023 tech event held this year, Nokia confirmed the launch of the Lunar network. “4G networks will help provide critical communication capabilities for a variety of data transmission applications, including essential command and control functions, remote control of the Lunar Rover, real-time navigation, and streaming of high-definition video,” the company said.

A Nokia executive also said that the terrestrial network will help meet the communication needs of future space missions. In simpler terms, the launch of a 4G network on the Moon will make it easier for astronauts to stay in touch with their colleagues while on a mission.

If all goes according to plan, Nokia expects to launch the 4G Lunar network by the end of this year. Anshel Sag, the chief analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, said that – “If the hardware can be prepared and verified on time, then Nokia could launch 4G on the moon in 2023 unless the company’s launch partner. Any interruption or delay occurs.”

Nokia is said to have undertaken the project to establish a 4G network primarily to discover ice on the moon. However, according to some previous reports, most of the moon’s surface is dry. However, reports based on some recent internal missions claim that remnants of ice have been discovered in craters around the moon’s poles. Now the question may arise in your mind why is it important to have ice on the moon? Ice can be converted into water and used as a drink. Additionally, this ice can be converted into hydrogen and oxygen energy to power rockets. It is also claimed that it will be possible to supply oxygen to the astronauts by using this ice water.