TVS Apache RR 310 at half the price, keep in mind its pros and cons

TVS Apache RR 310 at half the price, keep in mind its pros and cons


Pubnews: TVS Apache RR 310 at half the price, keep in mind its pros and cons. In the urge to taste the world of speed, many people turn to sports bikes. But most of the motorcycles in this segment are out of reach. Born with the original racing DNA, TVS appeared as a solution to this problem. Their first fully-faired sports bike Apache RR 310 was launched in December 2017. It has no flaws in any way. In fact, this model is the product of the partnership between TVS and BMW. Demand for older, second-hand models of entry-level sports bikes like the Apache RR 310 is also noticeable in the market. In that case, if you want to buy RR 310, you should have a clear idea about its pros and cons.

TVS Apache RR 310: The good side

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The design and looks of this sports bike from TVS really go without saying. Despite being on the market for almost five years, the look retains a sense of freshness. The bike’s power and style remain unchanged even after its launch. Suspension tuning is also excellent. Driving on the highway will be fun. Additionally, older models of the Apache RR 310 have come under the company’s built-to-order (BTO) scheme.

Due to the facility of customization, dynamic kits or racing kits can be ordered from TVS authorized service center. This way, it is possible to upgrade the old bike with modern features. And in the second-hand market, the three-year-old TVS Apache RR 310 starts at Rs 1.3 lakh, which is quite pocket-friendly for a sports bike.

Apache RR 310: The downside

First of all, the initial patch of TVS Apache RR 310 had a lot of jerking from the engine. Despite the BTO program, the older models do not get the same new instrument cluster as the latest models or add features like riding mode. The cost of the spare parts of the bike is a bit on the upward side as result maintenance is quite costly. Besides, buyers who want a hard-core racing bike go the route of buying a high-speed second-hand bike like the KTM RC 390 or higher. RR 310 has less power than RC 390.