Twitter is now ‘X’ on both Android and iOS platforms; Tweets relabeled as ‘posts’

Twitter is now ‘X’ on both Android and iOS platforms; Tweets relabeled as ‘posts’


Pubnews: Twitter is now ‘X’ on both Android and iOS platforms; Tweets are relabeled as ‘posts’. In a recent move, Twitter, under the ownership of Elon Musk, has undergone a significant rebranding, taking on the name “X.” Musk confidently announced that this transformation has propelled the social media platform to new heights, now boasting over 540 million monthly users compared to the 229 million reported in May 2022. Musk took over as owner in November 2022, initiating various changes, such as a substantial reduction in the workforce, resulting in a nearly 50 percent layoff, and appointing Linda Yacarino as the new CEO. Despite these efforts, Twitter has been grappling with challenges related to its advertising revenue.

The rebranding process involved a series of updates to the mobile application icons for Twitter on both Android and iOS platforms, replacing the well-known Twitter icon with the new “X” logo. Alongside this change, the content shared by users, previously referred to as “tweets,” is now termed “posts.” Users who have the Twitter 10.1.0-beta.1 version installed on their Android devices might already see the update labeled as “X Beta.” Nevertheless, the APK file retains its original name, “” Similarly, on Apple’s iOS devices, the updated logo appears, but the name “Twitter” remains unchanged.

Musk’s vision for this rebranding is clear, as he aims to eliminate all remnants of the old Twitter and create an “Everything App” experience. The change is evidenced by the replacement of the “Tweet” option at the bottom right corner of the homepage with “Post,” signaling a step closer to fulfilling his ambitious goals for the platform.

However, legal challenges might arise due to the use of the alphabet or symbol “X” in the rebranding. The letter “X” is widely used, making it a potential source of conflict. Notably, competitor Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, holds a federal trademark registered in 2019, covering the blue and white letter “X” in various areas, including software and social media. Additionally, Microsoft has owned a trademark for “X” since 2003, associated with communications about their Xbox video-game system.

Experts suggest that legal action is unlikely unless these companies feel that Twitter’s “X” encroaches on their brand equity. It’s worth noting that even Meta faced legal challenges when they rebranded from Facebook to Meta and adopted their infinity-symbol logo, drawing backlash from investment firm MetaCapital and virtual-reality company MetaX.

In conclusion, Elon Musk’s rebranding of Twitter to “X” marks a significant step towards creating an all-encompassing “Everything App.” However, potential legal issues surrounding the use of the letter “X” may present obstacles along the way, warranting cautious navigation for Twitter’s future under its new identity.