What is Apple iPad? What is the reason for its popularity?

What is Apple iPad? What is the reason for its popularity?

what is ipad

The iPad is Apple’s touchscreen tablet computer. The first iPad was released in 2010. Apple has a number of products in the iPad line-up, such as the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro. All models are available in Silver, Gray, and Gold colors. The iPad is currently powered by Apple’s M1 chip and has 4G capabilities. Modern iPads use the iPad OS; In the past, iOS was used on the iPad.

The iPad alone dominates most of the global tablet computer market. But that’s not the only reason Apple makes tablets. While other companies make tablets, the iPad is far ahead of all tablets in the market.

The iPad’s “Yeah, it does that” slogan is not a lie. The iPad serves as an alternative to mobile and computers in a number of situations. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why the iPad is so popular.


The main problem with a portable laptop computers is their weight. Carrying a laptop while traveling or outdoors is quite an annoyance considering its weight. And the iPad has taken advantage of this.

The lightweight iPad can be carried from a purse to a handbag. In other words, if you go somewhere, you can take your iPad away from your giant laptop. It is extremely popular because of the great portability of the iPad.

Battery life

When it comes to the portability of the laptop, its long charging cable and battery life must be mentioned. Most of the time you have to carry the laptop as well as its charger. On the other hand, no additional charger is required to charge the iPad. If you have a charger for your iPhone or any other Apple device, you can use it to charge your iPad.

In terms of battery backup, the iPad will be far ahead of other devices in the market. Whether it’s web surfing or multimedia content watching or gaming, solid battery backups are available on the iPad, which is another reason for its popularity.


Easy to use

There is no need for extraordinary technical skills to use the iPad. The iPad is a device that can be easily used by everyone from old to young. As the screen gets bigger, children can use it better, while adults can zoom in and out for ease of viewing. This means that regardless of the age of the user, the iPad is very easy to use as it is user-friendly.

Big screen

Being a tablet, the iPad has a huge screen, and this screen is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the iPad. Due to this large display, even ordinary activities like playing games, and watching pictures or videos on the iPad look quite remarkable. Whether it’s watching the latest shows on Netflix or group video calls with friends, the iPad’s huge screen comes in handy. This large screen is especially easy for kids to use, making it the largest user of the iPad.

Professional use

It would be a mistake to think that the iPad is just a device for watching videos or making calls at home. The iPad is a very powerful device that can be used for everything from the office to media editing. The iPad has the facility to create word documents, spreadsheets, or presentations from anywhere and edit them quite smoothly. The iPad also works great for photo or video editing. This means that the iPad is so popular that it can be used in all fields, from the average user to the professional.


One of the major contributors to the iPad’s popularity is its remarkable multitasking features. No need to close an app on the iPad to access another app. Multiple apps like computers can be used on the screen at the same time on the iPad.

Did you see something while scrolling Twitter and want to post it on Facebook? There is no need to leave the Twitter app, you can open the Facebook app directly in another tab, follow the subject of the tweet from the screen and post the Facebook status on the iPad.

Suppose you want to bring a picture or video to the video editor while editing the video, quite easy! While the video editor is open, enter the gallery, then drag the image or video from the gallery and leave it in the video editor. Multitasking can be done just as easily using the iPad.


The camera

Whether it’s a laptop or an average tablet, the cameras on these two devices have always been pretty bad. However, this does not apply to the iPad. The iPad has a relatively good camera setup that can be used to go from video calls with family to office meetings without any problems.


Another major reason for the popularity of the iPad is its price. At 300 to 600 this device can meet the needs of a phone and laptop at the same time. Since there is a dearth of usable powerful laptop devices at this price point, the iPad has rightly filled that void. And this is why a lot of iPads are sold.