What is Google Adsense? How to earn from Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense? How to earn from Google Adsense


Pubnews: What is Google Adsense? How to earn from Google Adsense. Google Adsense is An online platform or program powered by Google that provides a great opportunity for a publisher to monetize their online content. AdSense sends ads to your site based on the content and visitors on your website through which you as a publisher get a chance to earn money online. Advertisements displayed on your blog or website are created and run by various advertisers to promote their products or services online.

What is Google AdSense? or What is its function?

If you want to know the answer to these two questions, then you have come to the right place.

In today’s article, I will explain to you what is Google AdSense and how you can earn money from the Internet through it. Today thousands of people are earning millions of rupees at home from Adsense online. But how?

How to earn from Google AdSense and what is the work of AdSense. Many of you may have heard that, by blogging or YouTube channels People are earning a lot of money by making Adsense.

Have you heard?

So maybe you also want to know what is Adsense. But, you can’t earn money just by creating a blog or YouTube channel. Adsense plays a major role in earning money.

Today, earning online from the internet is not that difficult. You can also earn money online if you want. And, the most important thing to earn money online is Google AdSense. Hey, it’s true that there are many other ways or solutions to earn on the Internet.

Remember that Google AdSense is the most reliable, simple, and easy way to earn money online. And, as I said before, people are making a lot of money with it. Actually, honestly, I or you, or anyone can earn money online from Google Adsense.

But, for that, you need to have the ability to do hard work by knowing the right rules and ways. Because no one gets anything without doing any work.

So, below I will tell you about what is Adsense, what is its function, and how to earn money from Google Adsense.

What is Google AdSense?


Google Adsense is a service of Google by which advertisers can show any ad on the internet for money Publishers You can earn money online by showing Google ads on your blog, or YouTube video.

It is simply an advertising network through which blog and website owners can earn money through advertising.

Advertisers Those who pay Google to show their ads on the Internet.

Publishers People who show Google ads through their blogs or videos.

So, Adsense is a medium through which you can earn money online. But, for that first, you need to have a blog, website, app, or YouTube channel.

Using these means you can apply for AdSense and earn money by showing AdSense ads.

What is the work of Google AdSense?

AdSense works specifically to display ads on various blogs, websites, videos, and apps and pay those whose blogs or videos are being advertised.

But, for these ads that are shown on our website or videos, Google takes money from the advertiser in advance and from that money, Google pays the blog or video owners to show the ads.

Now you may be thinking what is the use of Google here? So?

Google has a considerable advantage here.

Because the advertiser pays Google for showing ads, Google publisher does not pay for showing one and a half ads.

From the money paid by advertisers, Google keeps some part for itself and some part is given to blog, video, or app owners to show ads. Here Google and website or app or YouTube channel owners all benefit together.

How does Google Adsense pay?

When we place or display AdSense ads on our blog, website, app, or YouTube video, it shows different types of ads.

And, when visitors come to our blog or video and when they see and click on those ads, Google Adsense pays you some money for that view or click.

And, by viewing and clicking ads like this, when your AdSense account reaches $100 (dollars), Google sends that money to your bank account.

How to apply for Adsense?

As I said earlier, you need a blog, website, or YouTube channel to earn money from AdSense. Because, you can see AdSense ads when you have a blog, website, app, or YouTube channel.

If you have any of these Google Adsense websites You can apply for an AdSense account by signing up and filling up the form.

if you Blogger or YouTube channel If you are using it, you have to apply for AdSense from your blogger or YouTube channel account. After applying for AdSense, your account, blog or website may not be accepted by Google.

This means, at once Google may not activate your AdSense account. And, you may need to apply for Adsense more than once. Remember, you have to Google Adsense to activate your AdSense account program policies follow the terms & conditions, and then apply.

Also, for AdSense on your website or blog ELIGIBILITY, You should definitely know if there is or not. In this, AdSense may disable your account altogether. And, whether your account is accepted or rejected, Google will notify you through email.

Remember, only after your account is accepted by Google, you can start earning money by placing ads on your blog or website.

How to earn money from Google Adsense?

To earn money online from Google Adsense you need to create a blog or YouTube channel. If you create a blog, you should write articles regularly. And, if you make a YouTube channel, you have to make videos and upload them.

Apply for Google AdSense when your blog or YouTube channel starts expecting visitors or visitors (traffic). If AdSense activates your account, you can display ads on your blog or video.

Every time people view or click on your ad on your blog or video, you will be paid by Adsense. And, when your account reaches $100, that money will be sent to your bank account.


How to earn from Google Adsense?

To earn money from Google Adsense, you need to open a blog or YouTube channel. Once you start getting visitors to your channel or blog, then go to adsense.google.com and apply for an AdSense account. Once your account is approved, you can earn online by showing ads on your blog or YouTube channel.

How much does Adsense pay per 1000 views?

The answer to this question is different for everyone. Many are earning 5-10 dollars in 1000 views and many are not able to earn even 1 dollar in this single view. If your blog is getting more visitors or veers from locations like India and Bangladesh then there is a possibility of earning around 0.45 to 1.5 dollars per 1000 views.

Who owns Adsense?

Google AdSense is a program managed and controlled by Google.

What is the difference between Google Ads and Google AdWords?

Google Ad is the program Google by which advertisers can run and manage their product ads through Google by paying Google. However, Google AdSense is the program that was originally created by website and blog publishers to display advertisements online.

Hopefully, I have succeeded in understanding what Google AdSense is and how it works. If you like our today’s article on What is Google Adsense, please share the article on social media. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please comment below.