Where am I now? Know your location on mobile easily!

Where am I now? Know your location on mobile easily!


Pubnews: Where am I now? Know your location on mobile easily! Being hesitant to go to a new unfamiliar place is a daily problem. Humans have invented various methods of finding directions long before finding their way to an unfamiliar place. People find their destination by looking at the direction or by looking at the position of the sun since ancient times. Then the map is created.

From hand-drawn maps to printed maps, our means of finding our way have evolved. But in the age of the modern internet, people don’t have to struggle so much to find their location and destination. Smartphones have made it easy to find our location and destinations just like making many things easier.

Smartphones are with us all these days. And through this smartphone, you can know your location very easily. Every smartphone these days has different hardware and software for location tracking. By using the feature it is possible to know exactly where you are at any time from any place. Many may be using new smartphones and are still unaware of this facility. You can learn from our post how you can see your location very easily.

What do you need to know about your position?

A few things will be needed to accurately determine your location. First of all, you must have a smartphone. It can be Android or iPhone. Then you should have GPS on your smartphone. GPS or Global Positioning System is a special system through which your phone can accurately determine your location on Earth by communicating with satellites orbiting the Earth.


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This feature is currently available in all smartphones. So if you have a smartphone, you can assume this feature is on your phone. Another thing that will be needed is the internet. You need to be connected to the Internet via WiFi or mobile data so that your phone can collect map data from the Internet. The last thing you should have on your phone is a map app to find your location.

Currently, the most informative and popular mapping app is Google Maps. The information contained therein is accurate and detailed. So most of the users use this app. All Android phones have this app installed. If you still can’t find it, you can install it from Playstore From this link. You can install this app on iPhone from App Store from here।

Once the app is installed you are now all set to locate your location. To determine location, you need to allow location determination from your smartphone’s settings or Quick Panel. In Android, you can find this option called ‘Location’ by going down the Notification panel from the quick settings.

You can check if the High Accuracy option is turned on to determine the location accurately. You can turn on location services by going to the privacy option from the iPhone settings. Moreover, when you first open Google Maps GPS Or ask permission to access a location.

How do you know where you are?

Google Maps app is a feature-packed app. Like many other things, the map has been digitized and with this app, you can see your location within that map. This app has a detailed map of the entire world. So it is possible to know your location through this app wherever you are in the world. Now it’s time to determine your position.


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  • First, open the Google Maps app. On opening it for the first time, the app will ask for permission to use the location. Grant all permissions.
  • Now the homepage will automatically start showing the location on the map according to your location. A blue dot will show your location on the map.
  • If for some reason the location is not showing or the dot is grey, you will find a button to find the location at the bottom left. On Android it will have an icon like ‘bull’s eye’ or target practice and on iPhone as an arrow. Tap on it to start showing your location.

This way you can understand where you are. But sometimes due to bad mobile networks and slow internet, it may take time to determine your location accurately. It will work well in places with a good network. You can understand where you are or where to go from the map.

The blue dot will show a light blue light in front of you that will adjust its position on the map as you move. It will work well on phones with compass sensors. Smartphones can also determine where you are facing using a compass. The more accurately Google Maps can show your location, the smaller the blue dot will be.

Other features of Google Maps

Google Maps will not only tell you where you are but there are many other functions here. If you’re going somewhere by vehicle, Google Maps can also instantly show how far you’ve gone. You can also know which road to take to the destination using the direction feature. It is possible to know if there is any jam on the road with this app.

Besides you are with someone Sharing your location through Google Maps can do There are many more such features in Google Maps. From our post, if you want Various features of Google Maps You can know the details.

If you have a smartphone, then you will not be afraid of losing it. You can find the road easily by using Google Maps. So it is important to learn how to use Google Maps.

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