why App is not downloading from the play store? why app not getting downloaded from play store

why App is not downloading from the play store? why is the app not getting downloaded from the play store?


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Pubnews: why App is not downloading from the play store? When it comes to Android smartphones, Google Play Store is one of the most popular and most used apps. In terms of security, Play Store is a very secure platform from which any type of mobile app can be downloaded without adulteration. Therefore, most Android mobile users are more interested in downloading mobile apps from the play store than downloading them from any third-party website.

However, many times users face the problem of not downloading apps from the Google Play Store. This means, many times when you want to download an app on the play store, the app doesn’t download or shows an error message. So, through today’s article we are yours Why is the app not downloading from the play store on the smartphone? And What is the solution? I will know all about this.

Why is the app not being installed/downloaded from Play Store on mobile?

To solve the Play Store App Install problem on your Android smartphone first you need to know what is the cause of this problem.

If apps are not being installed from Play Store on your mobile and you want to fix this problem, then I am going to tell you some ways below. You will get rid of the problem of not installing this app on your mobile through the methods mentioned below.

Look, the main reasons for not installing apps from the Play Store can be said to be 3.

  • If there is any cache-related reason for the Google Play Store,
  • If there is no free storage space in the mobile,
  • If you don’t update the play store.

However, apart from these three main reasons mentioned above, there are many other common reasons why apps are not downloaded on Play Store.

Many times you will see again, some apps are downloaded again.

But what is the solution? How to fix the problem of not installing apps on the Play Store? Let’s find out below.

1. Check the internet connection

This is a very common reason for apps not installing or downloading.

Many times when our mobile internet connection is not working well or due to a slow internet connection this problem also occurs.

In this case, try running other apps on your mobile.

For example, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you are experiencing internet issues while using apps,

Then it may be due to a slow or bad internet connection that you are having trouble downloading apps from the Play Store.

In this case, you should change your location and see if the network is good and the internet will work well.

Besides, you can download the app from the play store using the internet from other family members if you want.

If that still doesn’t solve your problem, then try the solution below.

2. Check Storage Space

Even if your smartphone has insufficient storage space, Google Play Store will not allow the app to be installed on the mobile.

So you have to go to the settings app of your mobile to know about the free storage space available on the mobile.

You are for it Settings>About device >Storage Go to its options.

Here you can see the complete usage and available space of your mobile.

If you see that the storage space of your device is full, then you need to delete some files.

By deleting the file, the internal storage of your mobile will be somewhat free and then the app can be downloaded from the play store.

3. Update the Play Store app

Due to not updating regularly and on time, it is normal to see various types of problems and errors in the play store.

In most cases, when our Play Store app is updated, various bugs and glitches are fixed by themselves.

However, if you haven’t updated the Play Store app for a long time, then this can also be a reason why the app is not downloading from the Play Store.

So now from your mobile Settings>About>Update Play StoreGo to Update Play Store and click Update Play Store.

You can also update the Play Store directly from the Play Store App if you want.

Open the Play Store App for these settings>about>Play Store version Must go in between.

down update Play Store You will see its option.

In most cases, doing this will solve your app not installing problem.

My mobile was not downloading Facebook from Play Store, but after uninstalling Play Store Update, Facebook was downloaded and installed.

৪. Clear Google Play Store Cache

If you have cleared the cache of Google Play Store and Google Play Services on your Android mobile, then many times Play Store problems are solved.

When we use Play Store, various search histories or app data are stored as cache as temporary files.

By deleting the app data and cache files of Play Store and Google Play Services, you also delete various faulty caches and data.

In this, you can use the play store without any problem again.

To clear the cache of the play store app you need to go to,

Settings Aboutt device>storage>Apps>Google Play store“.

now you clear cache And clear data You will see the option. Clear cache and data by directly clicking on the appropriate option.

Note: For Google Play Services go to Settings>about device Storagee>Apps>Google Play Services.

5. Play Store Update Uninstall

If your play store app has been updated recently then that new update may also cause app install problems in the play store.

However, it can be caused by anyone. Maybe the new update is not suitable or compatible with your device.

So, if your app is not downloading from Google Play Store or showing an error message even after doing the above-mentioned methods, then you have to try uninstalling the Lay Store App update.

To uninstall The layStoree update you need to go to, Settings>Apps>App management>Google Play Store.

now, Google Play Store app of App info The 3 dot icon at the very top of the page “⋮” Click in between.

Uninstall updates-You will see its options. Click on Remove and Uninstall Play Store app updates.

After uninstalling updates, now open Play Store and try to install any app.

You will see, now the apps are being downloaded and installed from your Play Store as before.

6. Restart the mobile

Sometimes a simple mobile restart can solve your problem.

By restarting the mobile, various problems occurring in the background of the mobile can be stopped.

So, long press the switch off button of the mobile and restart the mobile.


So, friends, you have come to know the reasons and solutions why it is not downloading from the play store. These were some of the effective solutions to the problem of apps not downloading from the lay store. At least one of these methods will work for you and you can install apps from Play Store without any problem. If you like our today’s article then definitely share the article on social media. Besides, if you have any questions regarding the App download problem of the Google Play Store, you can ask through the comment below.