Why is everyone leaving Facebook?

Why is everyone leaving Facebook?


Pubnews: Why is everyone leaving Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook-owned Mater, recently laid off 11,000 workers. Now there are rumors that Zuckerberg is going to resign from Meta after admitting his failure. A website called The Leak has made such a claim in one of their reports.

According to the report, Mater CEO may resign next year i.e. 2023. It is said that the failure of one project after another is forcing Zuckerberg to resign. Andy Stone, head of Mater’s communications department, may also resign.

The report also says that Zuckerberg has spent a huge amount of money on the Metaverse project, but is not seeing any profit. Besides, the company is constantly losing. Also, the VR project failed.

Meanwhile, regarding Zuckerberg’s resignation, Andy Stone, the head of Mater’s communications department, said in a tweet on Wednesday that the news of Zuckerberg’s resignation is not true.

Note that in October, a Financial Times report said that Meta investors can no longer trust Mark Zuckerberg. The number of investors in Meta has started to decrease. Mark Zuckerberg is said to be looking to divest himself after failed projects like Metaverse and the departure of some investors.


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