YouTube creators beware, 56 lakh videos were deleted with 50 lakh accounts

YouTube Delete 56 Lakhs Video 50 Lakhs Account

Pubnews: YouTube creators beware, 56 lakh videos were deleted with 50 lakh accounts. Video streaming platform YouTube has said it has removed around 5.6 million (56 lakh) videos from the platform for violating its community guidelines. Of these, only about one-third of videos by Indian creators were removed. YouTube reported this information in their third quarter of 2022 i.e. July-September report. Notably, the video streaming platform deleted 13 lakh and 11 lakh videos from India in the last two quarters.

73.7 crore comments were deleted

Globally, YouTube also reported in their report that 36 percent of videos were removed immediately after uploading through machine learning technology. There were no comments on these videos. Another 31 percent of videos received 1 to 10 views. Along with the video, the agency confirmed that around 73.7 million comments were deleted for violating the guidelines.

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5 million YouTube channels have also been shut down

YouTube’s July-September report also revealed that they have banned 50 million YouTube channels around the world. Most of these channels have been removed for violating the company’s spam guidelines. Fake videos were uploaded from these channels.


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