Monopoly GO: How to Get Free Drums for Parade Partners

Monopoly GO just dropped their latest Partner Event, Parade Partners, and players are hyped to team up with their friends and build epic floats. Starting from April 26, this festive celebration will be available for a little over five days before finishing on May 1, giving players enough time to build four parade floats from scratch.

Like all previous partner events, Parade Partners has its own currency  Drum tokens. These tokens are the key to spinning the partner wheel during the event and earning points to reach the required milestones. Obtaining these tokens can be a bit tricky. However, we’ve compiled all the ways you can get more Drum tokens in this guide.

How To Get Drum Tokens in Monopoly GO

Listed below are all the ways you can get free Drum Tokens to keep the partner wheel spinning in the Parade Partners event.

Landing On Drum Pickups

During the Parade Partners event, the Monopoly GO board will have designated tiles where you can collect Drums. Landing on one of these pickup tiles is a surefire way to get more drum tokens.

Participating In Events And Tournaments

Monopoly GO Railroad Rally Rewards and Milestones

The best way to get drum tokens is by actively participating in ongoing events and leaderboard tournaments, like the Railroad Rally or Property Prodigies. These events feature different milestones that reward you with hundreds of drum tokens for free.

Make sure you keep an eye out for all the events that are launched while the Parade Partners is active, so you don’t miss out on any drum tokens.

Completing Quick Wins

Quick Wins are minimal tasks that refresh every 24 hours and are an effective way of earning drum tokens. To see your daily Quick Wins, navigate to the Wins tab at the bottom left of the screen.

Collecting Free Gifts

Monopoly GO gives tycoons a free gift every eight hours. This can be found in the in-game Shop, where you can purchase resources like dice rolls and sticker packs. The gift box often contains a small number of drum tokens that can help you spin the partner wheel.

Grabbing Partner Gifts

One of the best things about partner events is that your partner can also gift you tokens to help you out. However, this is only possible if your friend’s wheel stops in the “Partner Gift” slot. Additionally, you will only get the same number of drums that your friend used to spin.